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We're the area's factory authorized distributor of the GE Zoneline® family of packaged and vertical terminal air conditioning equipment. Whether you have replacement work to complete before the cold weather comes or a new construction project on the horizon, look no further than BASE Solutions for quality GE Zoneline® products. Talk to your account manager or local store for all the details.

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check pressure on gas furnace valve

To check the pressure on a gas furnace valve, you'll want to first ensure the inlet pressure is within the manufacturer's specs. Too much pressure and the valve won't be able to open. Too little, and it won't produce the BTUs needed for heat. Next, check the outlet pressure to the manifold on high-fire and low-fire (if it's a two-stage gas valve) while referencing the data tag. Confirm the temperature rise is within spec, and the outlet temp is below your safety temperatures. If adjusting the valve, don't go below 10% of the manufacturer's set point without first getting factory approval.