200P Poly Sprayers | 2 Gallon

4771-20 | Our# NC-4771-20

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Brand Id: 17566

The No. 200P Poly Sprayers are constructed of high-density polyethylene. They have a funnel-top, which provides easy chemical pouring. They come with a 10? polypropylene pump, brass handle and extension tube with adjustable nozzle and five feet of wear-resistant hose. These sprayers can be used for spraying solutions of CalClean?, Special HD CalClean?, Alka-Brite?, Nu-Brite?, Cal-Brite? Plus and Evap Pow?r?-C on air conditioning cooling coils, air-cooled condensers, finned heating coils, refrigeration case or cooler coils, permanent air filters and other greasy, dirty surfaces.