Project List csv import process is the fastest and easiest way add bulk number of SKUs to a specific project list.

In order to take advantage of this functionality, you'll need to be signed into your account and goto your account dashboard

Import Function

  1. Click on the Download CSV link in the lower left side of the screen under Project List section. 

  2. Locate the csv file in the location you download it. The file name will be import_projects.csv. This will provide the template you need to enter all your SKUs to import. 
  3. Once the csv is open,  you will see three columns. First is for SKU and second is for quantity and third is for project name. Fill in respective SKUs and quantities. Enter the project name and if you are using the default one enter "main". 

  4. Once all SKU's,quantities and project names are entered correctly, please save file as same csv format. 
  5. Once ready to import, select the choose file button and select the import_projects.csv file.
  6. Click the blue "Import CSV" button and this will import all SKUs into the quick order screen.
  7. Depending on the number of SKUs to be imported, you will either see it processing on screen or providing you a message that the import is in process and you will receive a email when it is complete. It may take up to 10 minutes.